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Insights About Tears:
What are tears? What causes them? What stops them?

Tito: The sweetest tears are a result of the worst laughter..
Mi’kmaq Woman: Tears are what came when they took my son away.
Lill: Tears are salty. And wet. No one knows why we cry.
Cameron: Some people think that human beings are the only animals that cry but other people think that animals cry, too.
Camilla: tears are a physiological response to unpleasant stimuli
alma: your tears are my fuel.
Chantal: Tears are signs of great power.
SaveMe Oh: Tears are piss that streamed upwards.


Memories About Rez Day
Do you remember your Rez Day?
Kikas: I did not know how to walk, how to talk, how to look at, everything was strange and confusing.
I was so exited!.
Kandinsky: I was excited and couldn’t wait until I learn and explored everything..
Blanche: Totally confusing felt lost and alone until I landed on a kindly new friend’s doorstep who helped me.
Tito: Amy Chavalier, where are you?.
CapCat Ragu: When I first tried to customize my avatar I felt very frustrated… Then I found out I could attach stuff, fell in love with a hair and went around inworld with a demo for days…
Lill: On my rez day I found a box of free wings.
Camilla: I came in to SL to meet up with friends and then was too shy to say anything.
Chantal: I remember walking around forever, with all kind of objects attached to me. I came in to find Bowie!.
Humming: Overwhelmed … quickly wanting to change avatar appearance from the old Ruth … bumping into things, seeing a lot of other avatars on that beginner island … meeting up with TranSpire, falling off platforms, walkways, falling into the ocean a lot
Elle: I remember being lost and confused. I crashed into everything and drowned several times..
SaveMe: Read my blog, lazy! My redays are the only ones worth remembering.


Please Describe a Memory:

Roseta: The forget-me-not … Memories made and taken away.
Trilby: Yellow flowers against a blue sky.
Solo: Your humanity will save you.
SaveMe: Wirxli Flimflam – co-founder of Second Front and composer for the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse – committed suicide to earn the love and respect of SaveMe Oh on Valentines Day, 2010 at The Diablous Artspace. ….. His/Her time of death was 1:40 PM SLT
SaveMe Oh: SaveMe Oh might eventually learn to avoid getting caught.


Lost Memories
What Lost Memory are you looking for?

Lill: I know this is an important memory but I don’t know where it comes from – the past or the future. It is a simple image of the sunlight shining down on a softwood floor.
Solo: That time I was a better person than SMO