about the archive

the wide sky – an archive

During a recent archaeological dig into the deep future researchers discovered a damaged memory sphere embedded in the floor of an uninhabited forest planet.Though much of the sphere was corrupted some of the data was retrievable. This Archive documents the artifacts that were recovered.

This Archive is one node in an Intergalactic Library of Information. Visitors are invited to Contribute to The Archive by sharing any memories that may spontaneously surface when viewing the artifacts. These memories will then be compiled and added to the Archive.

Visitors may also travel to the Archive’s Virtual Installation and Museum Exhibit currently housed on the Odyssey Simulator in Virtual Space. In order to access the Exhibit visitors will need to create an identity here:

Second Life – Create Identity

Once you have created an identity you may download the Second Life Viewer but the archive recommends visitors download The Firestorm Viewer for optimum viewing:

Download Firestorm Viewer

After installing the viewer please sign in with your identity and then copy this SLURL and paste it into chat, then click the link to reach the Archive OR click the link and choose to open it with whatever viewer you downloaded (Second Life or Firestorm):

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Odyssey/46/82/1680