This Archive is the result of research and expeditions that were commissioned by the IOTA Institute. Visit IOTA DATA for access to other new Libraries and Special Collections.

This Archive was created by The Artist Liz Solo.

Additional research and resources by:

Exhibit Design Consultation: Yael Gilks

Historical Re-enactments – Yael Gilks, Colleen McLaughlin, Bibbe Hansen, Odyssey Portal

Technical Support: Isabel Munck, Lily Sanders, Black Bag Media CollectiveOdyssey Simulator

Special Footage: Magpies – by Ashford Clovis. Visit Ashford’s archives: Ashford Clovis Archive 1 and Ashford Clovis Archive 2

Made possible by the support of  Canada Council for the Arts / Conseil des arts du Canada

The archive would like to extend special thanks to curator Mireille Bourgeois.